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In 2015 the Socceroos created Australian football history by claiming the Australian national football team’s first major trophy win, becoming Champions of Asia in the 2015 Asian Cup held around Australia. With Australia’s relatively short football history by international standards, this success will forever be considered as one of the major foundations of our football story. Not Our Field’s football publication, LOCALFC joined forces with Nike to commemorate the historic event with ‘MMXV’, a 130-page limited edition printed publication featuring Local FC photography by Chad Gibson, who covered the entirety of the Socceroos’ journey to victory. The collaboration includes exclusive interviews by ex-professional footballer, Gibson, with present and past Socceroos and Head Coach, Ange Postecoglou who introduces the book with his Foreword.

Editions 1-23 were presented personally by Gibson in Germany to the victorious Socceroos’ squad in custom-designed, handmade boot bags with a printed silk pocket-square donning a photograph from ‘MMXV’ to be worn in the team’s suits. Australian football history is firmly connected with Germany, as in 1974 the Socceroos attended their first World Cup as semi-professional footballers. In 2015 our national team returned to Germany as invited guests of the current World Champions, as Champions of Asia, profoundly reflecting significantly far football has developed in Australia.

Gibson’s personal experience as a footballer made him acutely aware of the speed at which successes pass and was intent on creating a physical memento for these footballers that allowed them time to reflect on their own journeys throughout the tournament. Along with Gibson’s unique style of football photography which is at once dramatic, emotive, intimate and highly attuned to action and technique, images are accompanied with quotes by players represented which provide a unique insight into moment during the 90 minutes.

Understanding the historic significance of ‘MMXV’, LOCALFC and Nike spared nothing in attention to detail, specifying the highest quality uncoated stocks, designing a unique paper collating system featuring section-sewn bright white and powder green stocks which demarcate matches and exclusive interviews, creating timeless yet modern print-layout and graphic design and hand drawn illustrations by Cecilia Humphrey, adding to the intimacy of the project.

More details about ‘MMXV’ are to be revealed later this year. See here for future updates.

Client_ Local FC x Nike Australia Collaboration
Services_ Photography//Print Publication Design//Interviews//Graphic Design//Interviews & Copy Editing//Print Production Design

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Client_ FOXTEL

Services_ Videography//Direction//Creative Direction//Interviews//Video Production

Foxtel engaged us to capture the Foxtel All-Stars Tim Cahill Ambitions Tour, which was an unprecedented four-day football camp that gave young footballers from around the country a special opportunity to live and breathe the life of a professional footballer. With coaching by Robbie Anderson from Everton and Tim Cahill himself, the camp combined football training with classes and excursions to broaden the attendees breadth of knowledge not only about how to play football and what it takes to get there, but also the importance of ambition and teamwork in life beyond football. What we captured with our documentary were the raw and emotional stories of the teens selected, exploring the ways in which this opportunity had impacted their lives and personal ambitions.




Services_ Branding & Identity Design//Web Design//Print Design//Merchandise Design//Photography//Videography//Written & Visual Media Coverage//Creative Marketing Strategies

Created in 2011 by Not Our Field founder and ex-professional footballer, Chad Gibson, LOCALFC is a football publication dedicated to elevating football culture and celebrating its presence during and beyond the 90 minutes. With his informed perspective, Chad's lens tells a different story to traditional sports photography, capturing emotion, dramatic moments and technique. As a passionate football advocate, LOCALFC is committed to developing local Australian football culture and constructing the identities of the Australian football family in the unique context of Australia, where football has a relatively short history as a popular sport. 

Over the past years LOCALFC has manifested itself as an online publication and website, a printed publication through Ball Pitch Dream and has developed a strong local but also international following, reaching audiences from every continent. The unique insight and perspective offered by Chad grants the publication both authenticity and authority and as a result engages and has the support of both the general public and professional footballers alike. 

This project has required a diverse range of our skill set, from branding and identity design, to website and print design, to journalistic interviews and stories, to sports photography and videography, to merchandise design and creative marketing strategies.

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Chad Gibson was approached by Nike to contribute as a feature photographer for a one-off magazine publication: Movimento. With three photographers from around Australia chosen to capture the small-sided football culture of our major cities, Chad was sent back to Brisbane, where he had captained the inaugural seasons for Brisbane Roar, ten years ago. Chad was passionate to capture the ways football culture had developed in the last decade in a city with a particularly strong rugby influence. What was captured were contemplative and nostalgic stories that reflect the memories of all true football lovers; from wall-ball to street football to going to all lengths to create a game with whatever and whoever was around, the photo series captured the message of 'playing football anywhere.'


Client_ Various

Services_ Graphic Design // Custom Typography // Logo Design // Branding & Identity Design



Client_ Nike Football

Services_ Sports Photography//Local FC Coverage

Over the Asian Cup, 2015, held in Australia, Not Our Field's football publication, Local FC, provided Nike with sports photography and coverage of the Socceroos' journey to victory, as Asian Cup Champions. Over the weeks of the tournament, Chad Gibson used his lens to share his unique perspective as an ex-professional footballer on sports photography, telling the real stories of the 90 minutes with passion and beauty. Chad captured #ShineThrough moments for Nike Football Australia as part of their international campaign for their Shine Through collection. All photography by Chad Gibson.


Client_ Local FC (Sponsored by Nike)

Services_ Identity//Photography//Exhibition Curation//Articles & Interviews//Videography & Documentary Creation//Graphic & Print Design

'A Ball, A Pitch, A Dream' is a Local FC initiative exploring the stories, motivations and passion behind why people play and love football. The project was manifested as a photography exhibition, short documentary and print publication, with all profits being returned to grassroots football. The exhibition included a series of portraits of current professional footballers, including Bernie Ibini-Isei, Kyah Simon, Tom Rogic and more, with the documentary featuring these players and others, including Mark Bresciano and Lucas Neil, exploring their passion for football, their earliest football memories and the meaning of 'the ball' in their lives. The publication extended this concept exploring the ways in which football can affect lives beyond professionals, with interviews with a groundsman, a football-inspired fashion designer, a photographer capturing the importance of football in rural African communities and a story on Australia's Indigenous Football Festival held in the Northern Territory. The project aspired to reignite footballers' true passion for the game and to recognise it's significance and power to promote change and positively impact on people's lives.


Client_ Western Sydney Wanderers

Services_ Photography//Creative Direction//Direction//Post-Production

After two extremely successful inaugural seasons in the A-League, the Western Sydney Wanderers had achieved two grand finals, a premiership and currently hold the title as Asian Champions League champions. Not only did they quickly prove their power on the field, from birth, the Wanderers instantly became 'the team of the people', representing a long history of football culture in Sydney's west. Aware of the importance of including this indispensable foundation and appreciating fans' passionate involvement, the Wanderers placed particular emphasis on providing supporters with merchandise to suit their lives. 

Chad Gibson was engaged to photograph the 2014/15 merchandise catalogue in his distinctive Local FC aesthetic to genuinely connect with target audiences and tell the real stories of how Wanderers players represent their club off the pitch.