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Not Our Field is your Creative Sports Department. Est. 2011.

Specialising in conceiving, executing and delivering creative sports projects, our motto is: Create. Shoot. Score.

Our message to our clients is always: Don’t dumb it down.

Don’t expect less from your audience; don’t underestimate consumers; don’t just give people what you think they want. We aspire to elevate engagement and consumption by doing better for the people our clients are trying to reach. By creating better narrative-driven media, by prioritising quality over quantity, by making meaningful connections between brands, philosophies, sports and people, by conceiving projects that people want to be a part of.

In our hyper-active information era, we place ourselves in a slower space with an emphasis on narrative-driven media, because we believe information has no value if it has no meaning for us as individuals. The way we draw meaning is through stories, making room for intimate connection.

We are uniquely positioned simultaneously as insiders in the worlds of professional sports and of genuinely engaged sports audiences, with founder Chad Gibson being internationally recognised and contracted as a football culture specialist. We sit at the intersection between sports and culture and our authentic connection to these worlds along with the long-established trust we have from each allow us to create projects and share insights rarely available to the mainstream.

Developing creative strategies to lift the popular conscious of what sport can and should be, we have worked on projects as varied as digital media and content, to printed publications, to branding and identity design and strategy, to major events, to branded collaborations, to graphic, environmental, jersey and web design, to creating in-depth research documents, to establishing an internationally respected football media platform and community - LOCALFC. Our expertise is in developing concepts for projects which are multifaceted and interconnected, engaging audiences on multiple levels with the motivation to enrich branded experiences.

We’re about legacy, not launches.

We just get it.

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_Our Fields: Cohesive Multi-Faceted Project Development; Full-Service Concept to Delivery for Digital and Print Projects; Creative Direction; Concept Development; Photography; Video Filming, Direction, Edit & Production; All Forms of Digital Content; Art Direction & Graphic Design; Illustration; Brand & Identity Design & Strategy; Event Concept Design; Writing; Creative & Sports Culture Consulting


Missed it the first time? Still not sure what we do? Here’s our showreel.

Everything we’ve achieved for our clients and ourselves has been thanks to our combination of fierce passion, insightful intuition, extensive interdisciplinary experience, common sense and our refusal to back down from a challenge.

We fight for what we believe in. We work with clients we believe in, who share a common ethos, and we treat every project as a collaboration and opportunity to work with a new team with new areas of expertise and insight.

Once you’re on our team, we are uncompromisingly loyal and driven to see you succeed.

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NAME: Gibson, Chad

POSITION: Founder & Co-Director, Creative Director

EXPERIENCE: Olympus Creative Visionary, Ex-Professional Footballer (13 Years)

After a thirteen-year professional football career, I’d fallen out of love. My dreams had become a job and that job didn’t allow any space for who I really was. I’d been playing in clubs and collecting kits since I was three, but I had never seen football shown the way I saw it in my mind.

I grew up a sneaker-head, listening to hip-hop, interested in art, but football as it was then, was never about merging these cultures. My identity was a combination of all of these things, but for football, I just had to be the footballer.

I fell back in love with the game after picking up a camera. My first motivation for starting LOCALFC was to make sure other professionals wouldn’t fall out of love the way I had. To remind them why they play. I started before ‘football culture’ was a trend and I’m inspired by how far we’ve come.

I’m able to tell the stories of players and their journeys because they show me a side they’re not often willing to share with anyone else. I’ve earnt trust over the past eight years by committing to being authentic, by being a positive advocate for the game and the players. My personal relationships from playing, from LOCALFC and from delivering a post-football career transition program in collaboration with the PFA for all A-League clubs has created a community based on mutual respect and honesty. I’m grateful for the players trust and the access they give me, knowing that 99% of what we speak about will never go any further than me.

Our partners find my access invaluable. This paired with our combined specialised knowledge and passion for needle-moving projects has meant we’ve attracted big clients from around the world and been a major part of redefining local but global football culture. Not Our Field was born from wanting to keep pushing and blurring the boundaries of where all sports and culture meet. We’re about changing the game.



NAME: Humphrey, Cecilia

POSITION: Co-Director, Creative Director

EXPERIENCE: Advanced B.A., University of Sydney (Art History & Theory; Spanish Language, Literature & Translation); Master of Design, College of Fine Arts, UNSW

After completing my undergraduate degree in art history & theory then completing post-graduate studies in design, I discovered my real passion for the space between the two. My interest lies in the capacity of art to serve function; art with intent.

I’ve carried this interest across into my work in branding, design and creative projects for the past nine years, exploring the ways in which elevating typically commercial consumption through an authentic injection of culture can deliver better outcomes for both clients and audiences.

When Chad and I started working together, we brought almost conflicting fields of experience but we both had this strong sense that the ways our respective worlds were being presented and their modes of engagement never fit with us. Looking at football, looking at art, the ways they were traditionally seen weren't they ways we saw them, those were not our fields.

We believe that inter-disciplinary practice results in work that is unique and enriching. We believe in redefining our fields.


SUBTTLD (Subtitled) is a project with the mission to help us live examined lives. Adding art to our arsenal to help us face the post-truth era by using art and news as the vehicles to prompt us to look critically at our world; SUBTTLD translates art through news and news through art.